A Holiday Cottage with a Hot Tub can increase the level of relaxation and enjoyment of your holiday in East Devon; there are many ways that you probably have not considered.

Both Apple Mill and Burrows have a private Hot Tub in their private gardens!

Strengthen Relationships

Hot tubs have the ability to bring you closer to your chosen bubble to spend some time away with. Turn your phone off, take away all distractions, and live in the moment. Whether you are staying up all night to natter away under the stars, having an early morning coffee before the heat of the day or relaxing after a long winter walk over the coastal paths by the stormy sea in Sidmouth – the hot tub helps you connect with the natural world around you on your holiday to Devon.


I feel that the best thing about the hot tub is the quality of sleep that you get afterward. We all know that a lack of sleep can increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration while simultaneously reducing your ability to be productive. Your holiday is your time away to refresh catch up with the world. Soaking for a little while, even just 20 mins, before bed will make it easier to sleeping as the hot water causes you to relax both your muscles and nerves. When you come to Devon and jump in the Hot Tub at the holiday cottage and you are in your own little world ready and prepared for the next day.

Taking the Weight Off

The hot water and massage jets in the hot tubs will release tension and knead the toxins from your muscle fibers. The buoyancy takes the pressure off your legs, feet, and back, helping you work out the kinks and knots. Soaking in a hot tub after a trip in the car or a long day out and about is the perfect way to help your muscles recover for the next day.

Please note, for your safety and peace of mind the Hot Tubs at Apple Mill and Burrows are operated and tested in full accordance with the HSE Regulation HSG282; details available on request – we also strongly urge you to check this at any Holiday Cottage with a Hot Tub.

Both Apple Mill and Burrows have a Caldera Hot Tub, these tubs are unrivaled due to their hydrotherapy experience. The hot tub is an added bonus that you probably will not choose to go without the next time you book a holiday cottage in East Devon.