Our bit for Sustainability at Pebblebed Cottages


At Pebblebed Cottages, we like to tread lightly, the level of sustainability at our Holiday Cottages is increasingly important. Our aim is to become a more sustainable pair of Holiday Cottages. So far here are some examples of what we do:

Solar Panels

Did you know that the sun can provide enough energy in one hour to provide enough energy for a year?

Both Apple Mill and Burrows are connected to a power supply that is fed by Solar Panels. During sunlight hours electricity that is drawn by the cottages comes from the Solar Panels. Unlike other energy sources, we cannot run out of solar energy in Devon, making the Solar Panels an obvious and sustainable option to power the Holiday Cottages and hot tubs.


Apple Mill and Burrows are supplied by a borehole supplying all the taps with spring water, it might taste a bit different as it is very soft. You will be bathing in our local spring water.

Logs for the Woodburner

The logs provided in the cottages, on the day that you arrive, are from locally sourced trees that have fallen; some from around the properties, as a result, reducing the transport required down to just human muscle! If you buy more, we urge you to source locally.

The large majority of the logs recently have come from the hedges recently being laid around the properties and fields. Good news, we are not just taking them down, last week we planted 40 saplings in the front field.


We are proud to say that all the sorted waste from both Apple Mill and Burrows is recycled. Therefore, we request that you please separate your waste as per our recycling boxes here in East Devon.

Garden waste

The garden waste from the lawns and flower beds in the cottage gardens is kept on-site, either fed to the overly friendly cattle or put on the compost, ready to reuse in the future, further increasing our sustainability at Pebblebed Cottages.

Located in East Devon, there is an abundance of fabulous smaller and larger Farm Shops.

Knights Farm Shop
Greendale Farm Shop
Darts Farm
Pynes Farm Shop

Burrows Apple Mill


The levels of sustainability in our Holiday Cottages are very important to us; our aim is to become increasingly more sustainable Holiday Cottages. Therefore, if you have any suggestions for us, please do let us know.